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Mitsubishi Electric Blog

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Mitsubishi Electric: A Leader in Patents

July 2019
Author: Mitsubishi Electric
Company: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
Mitsubishi Electric: A Leader in Patents

Technology is the core competence of Mitsubishi Electric, and R&D powers our technological and business development. We do R&D to drive business growth, and create value by addressing the key social issues of the day: aging populations, urban congestion, global warming, energy and water shortages, and more. Building our strengths as a comprehensive manufacturer of electronics, we develop common technologies that create synergies. We hope to achieve a safer and more sustainable society through our efforts.

Mitsubishi Electric is an R&D leader, both in Japan and globally. In Japan, we're number one in registered patents, and in the top ten for R&D expenditures. Where the fruits of our efforts are truly reflected is in our top-five ranking in international patent applications.

We focus our R&D efforts on technology platforms that can be used across our product portfolio. One example is our Maisart brand of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In the development process, we're able to tap into our know-how in equipment for factories, buildings, vehicles and other applications to take greater advantage of AI. By making devices smarter, we hope to help realize a safer, more convenient society.