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Mitsubishi Electric News

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Mitsubishi Electric at CEATEC JAPAN 2017

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it will exhibit a range of cutting-edge technologies and products at CEATEC JAPAN 2017, taking place at the Makuhari Messe exhibition complex in Chiba, Japan from October 3 to 6. The exhibit will be located at Booth No. C002 in the "Community Area" of Hall 1.

Under the theme of "Contributing to the realization of a prosperous society through advanced IoT technologies and synergies", Mitsubishi Electric will present a wide range of cutting-edge products and solutions, including innovative hands-on exhibits, many of them inspired by Japan's 'Society 5.0' initiative, an ambitious programme aimed at the broad digital transformation of society.

The company will also demonstrate some of its newest technologies, including Speech-Separation Technology, a solution that allows separation of the simultaneous voices of multiple unknown speakers recorded with one microphone. It will also showcase its Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer Technology, which facilitates the smart supply of electricity to and between electric vehicles, homes, offices and factories.

The stand will feature exhibits in the following categories:

Security and safety

  • Introduction of the Centimeter Level Augmentation Service, Mobile Mapping System and High-Precision 3 D Maps that will be indispensible for automated driving
  • Virtual reality demonstration of automated driving technologies with high-level perimeter sensing, high-accuracy positioning and high-precision vehicle dynamics control

Comfortable urban living

  • TV demonstration of the DIAPLANET TOWNEMS cloud service supporting comfortable lifestyles and community-wide energy saving through the utilization of IoT and cloud technologies
  • Demonstration of the Destination Oriented Allocation System for elevators, which allocates the optimum car for passenger by registering their desired destination floor before they take the elevator

Comfortable home living

  • Demonstration of the IoT bathroom concept, leveraging technology to help ensure a more relaxing experience in the bathroom
  • Demonstration of Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer Technology, allowing efficient and contactless charging of electric vehicles

New AI technologies

  • Demonstration of a speech-separation solution achieved by means of proprietary "Deep Clustering" AI technology Corporate activities
  • Introduction of FA-IT Open Platform delivering IoT for manufacturers by using edge computing to combine FA and IT
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