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MMC Hitachi Tool introduces the GF1 indexable barrel cutter

MMC Hitachi Tool Engineering, one of the world’s leading tool manufacturers, presents the newly developed GF1 tool concept for the first time on its global première. “The GF1 consists of an indexable insert tool with barrel geometry, and therefore constitutes the world’s first and only tool with this combination of characteristics. The first application of a barrel geometry in the field of indexable insert tools is a clear sign of the demand of customers for an increase in productivity and the optimisation of cost efficiency”, explains Jörn Mackensen von Astfeld, Product Engineer (M.Sc.), at MMC Hitachi Tool. “Typical fields of use of the GF1 are highly efficient pre and finishing operations of walls, pockets and guides in master and forming dies. The barrel geometry of the circumference cutter enables significantly higher feed rates with equivalent or improved surface quality, so that the processing times of finishing operations can be reduced by up to 70 % in comparison to conventional sheet geometries.”

The basic version of the GF1 enables maximum tilting of the tool of 7° or 11° in relation to the part topography. In contrast, the offset design allows maximum positioning at 12° or 19°, so that five-axis processing in particular becomes a focal consideration. Both versions are available in diameters of 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm, with the circumference cutter radii available in R20 and R30, and with the TH and Panacea coatings, which have been extremely successful on the market and which are now offered with the GF1 in a whole new evolutionary stage.

The GF1 indexable barrel cutter is therefore the perfect tool for customers who wish to utilise the productivity advantages of this special geometry and also benefit from the optimised cost efficiency of an indexable insert system at the same time.

MMC Hitachi Tool is also fulfilling the demand for ongoing range expansion with a further innovation: A product variant of the proven EPSM milling cutter. These carbide milling tools from the Epoch21 product range are designed for soft and hard materials and application areas from roughing through to smoothing and finishing. New variants without Weldon holders now increase the familiar universal application possibilities of the EPSM even further. The new design without Weldon holder surface is optionally available with or without neck. “With this, it is possible to better utilise the system-related advantages of shrink chucks, in particular in fine machining. This means renewed progress in terms of application-friendliness in tool and mould construction”, sums up Jörn Mackensen von Astfeld. “With the GF1, fully developed in-house at MMC Hitachi Tool and produced in the company’s own factory in Japan, we – as a European subsidiary based in Hilden – have a further product highlight in our range of around 5,000 tools for tool and mould construction.”

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