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MOLDINO Tool Engineering News

The Edge to Innovation

New logo – proven concept

Since 1st of April 2015 Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) holds a 51% stake in Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd. In consequence of this merger the company name was changed to MMC Hitachi Tool, Ltd. and its 100% subsidiary to MMC Hitachi Tool Engineering Europe GmbH

Now, in order to create a unique selling point and position within the MMC Corporation a new brand name & logo were created: “MOLDINO”. MOLDINO is a combination of the words MOLD + DIE + INNOVATION.

Therefore, this name consciously stresses our effort to be an innovator with a specialization in the die & mold industry, based on our own research & development as well as own production and application support at our customers. MOLDINO is a statement of our clear focus for the future and also summarizes the way in which we’ve been operating for the past 3 decades.

Our customers face their global competition on daily basis and are required to produce molds and dies with increasing speed, precision and quality. In consequence of this reality, our engineers are applying & implementing our cutting tools in the customer’s processes. Doing so, we are focusing on achieving highest levels of process safety, repeatability and are striving for opportunities in terms of standardization. We always have standardized / automated processes in mind that prepare our customers for the (industry 4.0) future.

However, nowadays it is not enough to simply introduce another cutting tool into an existing process. In order to significantly reduce production time & costs it is necessary to analyze & adjust the entire process chain from start to finish: CAD, CAM programming & toolpaths, tool selection, production & programming strategies, machine selection, tool & workpiece clamping & cooling, cutting parameters as well as chip evacuation need to be taken into account in order to be optimized.”

MMC Hitachi Tool’s growing number of currently 85 process optimizers (application engineers) all over Europe aims to provide customers with this full service approach.

Consequently, not much has changed – on the contrary. Under the new MOLDINO brand name and logo MMC Hitachi Tool Engineering Europe is following its proven concept and extends it even further with the current and future needs of the die & mold sector in mind.

Responsible for the content of this press release: MOLDINO Tool Engineering Europe GmbH


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