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MPDV Mikrolab News

Cutting edge data collection with OPC-UA, MQTT & Co

MPDV extends the Shop Floor Connectivity

Even in times of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the collection of real-time data in the shop floor is an important topic. So far, no general standard for machine connection has been found, even though OPC-UA is regarded as a hot candidate. Therefore, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) like HYDRA from MPDV need a great number of interfaces. Further protocols were added at the turn of the year.

With driver modules for MQTT, MTConnect and EUROMAP 77, MPDV not only expands the range of communication protocols, but also offers manufacturing companies even more flexibility to connect machines.  Hardly any company has only machines of one type or manufacturer in its production halls.  MPDV offers the Shop Floor Connectivity Suite to connect a heterogeneous machine park to an MES such as HYDRA.  The Shop Floor Connectivity Suite includes a wide selection of driver modules in addition to standardized collection logic.

Universal remedy OPC-UA?
In almost every publication on the subject of Industry 4.0, the OPC-UA is seen as a candidate for a worldwide communication standard. Independent of this, OPC-UA has been a widely used protocol for several years that supports the MES HYDRA from the very beginning. In addition to OPC-UA, the demand for industry-specific standards such as EUROMAP 77 for communication with injection molding machines continues to be high. Also, alternative protocols like MT Connect and the MQTT are very popular.  With the Shop Floor Connectivity Suite from MPDV, manufacturing companies are always on the safe and secure side and can connect any machine to HYDRA, regardless how special.

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