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mApps for the Manufacturing Integration Platform

As the foundation for the Smart Factory, MPDV's Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) is the link between many established applications in a manufacturing company. The programming language is here irrelevant to implement these applications. The use of the supplied MIP services – i. e. the API – turns these applications into Manufacturing Apps (mApps).

The MIP is a platform that brings indirect benefits through its integrative design. Real benefits are provided with applications or mApps. The mApp is everything that communicates via services with the MIP. Thereby, it becomes a part of an ecosystem. A mApp can have any content, can be a small mobile app, a machine controller or even a complete ERP system. This also eliminates the question of which programming language to use.

MIP's Mission
The ecosystem of aspiring MIP users, app developers and system integrators is growing all the time. "It is our objective to make the MIP available for every manufacturing operation in the future, like Microsoft Windows runs on the PC today," explains Thorsten Strebel, Vice President Products and Consulting at MPDV. "This does not mean that we are replacing other systems in production – we rather provide with the MIP the infrastructure that guarantees the interoperability required for many systems in manufacturing. The MIP is therefore not a rival to an IoT platform." For example, the MIP connects an IoT platform with an MES system. The focus is on interoperability based on the semantic information model.

Further information on the MIP

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