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MPDV Mikrolab News

Product availability of the Manufacturing Integration Platform

MPDV introduces the first ambassador of production IT 4.0 to the market

The market for production IT is constantly on the move and Industry 4.0 demands for more flexbility than many systems can provide today. That is why MPDV introduces the first ambassador for production IT 4.0 to the market. As of this week, MIP is available on the market.

Today’s powerful MES solutions provide out-of-the-box applications to increase transparency and efficiencies in production. MIP on the other hand offers a platform to flexibly combine and integrate applications (so-called mApps) from different suppliers - in the spirit of do-it-yourself. The MIP provides with an open semantic information model and many helpful basic services, the ideal environment for the Digital Twin of production and thus supplies the foundation of a sustainable production IT. MPDV is currently in discussion with partners to put down the groundwork for an ecosystem in cooperation with system integrators, software providers and users.

Easy access to the world of MIP
MPDV also offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide a springboard into the MIP. This enables programmers to extend their own development environment with valuable tools in order to develop mApps for MIP and in using the existing services of the platform. Therefore, MIP SDK offers, apart from an extensive documentation and tutorials, also example applications, a service tester and a repository client. In combination with MIP, applications for own use or as a product for other companies can be implemented in this way.

MIP and MIP SDK are available since beginning of July. Further information for MIP here.

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