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Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) - English Version -

2018-08-21 12:54 | 79 calls
Today's monolithic software structures will very quickly reach their limits with future requirements for production-related IT systems. With its open architecture, the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) designed by MPDV offers the flexibility and interoperability that is expected in future in the Smart Factory.
The Manufacturing Integration Platform is the first representative of the fourth generation of manufacturing IT. The MIP forms the base for a system of standard functions and individual applications for targeted data analysis and production control using an open platform architecture. Manufacturing Apps (mApps) from different providers access a common digital image of production (digital twin). MIP contains a semantic information model and a large number of standardized basic services. In contrast to many IoT platforms, MIP not only manages data but creates an image of reality that can be used by all apps. More than 40 years of experience in the production environment and know-how from more than 1000 successful MES installations have been incorporated into the development of MIP.

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