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Muller Machines


Muller Machines SA
Industriestrasse 22
2555 Bruegg BE
+41 32 373 34 44
+41 32 373 48 27

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  • Reference number 22200
    Manufacture Year 2005
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machines
  • Tool grinding machines
  • Milling cutter grinding machines
  • Fanuc 160-iMB
  • X axis
    280 mm
    Y axis
    245 mm
    Z axis
    355 mm
    grinding diameter
    2 - 32 mm
    Max. grinding wheel diamter
    200 mm
    A axis (grinding head rotaion)
    240 °
    0.0001 °
    Work piece spindle speed
    60 rpm
    B axis swivelling range
    135 °
    B axis resolution max.
    0.0001 °
    C axis (spindle,resolution)
    0.0001 °
    Grinding spindle speeds:
    0 rpm
    up to
    8000 rpm
    Rapid traverse X
    20 m/min
    Rapid traverse Y
    15 m/min
    Rapid traverse Z
    20 m/min
    Grinding spindle motor
    20 kW
    Overall dimensions machine:
    2640 mm
    2380 mm
    2720 mm
    Various accessories:
    Set of collets
  • Tool and cutter grinder CNC
    Control System:
    - Machine control FANUC 160-iMB 9-axis
    Interface FANUC/PC including Windows 2000
    Rollomatic Software:
    Grinding: Endmills, ballnose and radius endmills
    Taper tools, ballnose and radius taper endmills
    Drills/step drills, step tools
    Burs (industrial, aluminum-cut, surgical, dental)
    Medical/surgical components
    Simulation: VirtualGrind PC programming system/simulation
    FluteCalc 2-D simulation of flute shapes
    3DCalc 3-D simulation of any tools
    BurCalc 2-D and 3-D simulation of burs
    TaperCalc 2-D and 3D simulation of tapered tools
    ISO programming using Rollomatic co-ordinate system, incl. 3-D simulation
    Probing routines (flutes and coolant holes)
    Teach-in (wheel shapes and machine calibrations)
    Graphic wheel display with zero offsets
    Various control diagnostics

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