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Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. Blog

3 reasons why NC Service is the best option for repairing your CORREA milling machine

September 2019
Author: Nicolás Correa Team
Company: Nicolás Correa Service, S.A.
3 reasons why NC Service is the best option for repairing your CORREA milling machine

If you have a CORREA milling machine in your companies’ facilities, Nicolás Correa Service offers you the best repair, maintenance and spare parts service. Our technical knowledge of the CORREA brand and our 20 years of experience in the repair and the refurbishment of second-hand milling machines are our guarantee.

We want to be your best solution, avoiding machining problems or repairing them as soon as possible, so at Nicolás Correa Service we offer you:

    Our highly qualified and with extensive experience Technical Support Service has the necessary know-how to carry out the repair of any model or type of CORREA milling machines. This knowledge, together with our fast response service, reduce as possible the machine downtime caused by these possible problems.
    In order to avoid possible problems in your CORREA milling machine and preventing it from possible inactivity, we offer a preventive maintenance service on milling machines for anticipating to possible inconveniences that may appear and for avoiding most common and important machine’s breakdowns as well as its deterioration. This is the best option for maximizing the productivity of your machine tool.
    A large stock of spare parts for CORREA milling machines which allows the shortest possible delivery for our customers. 

Being already convinced? Contact us without obligation!

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