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Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. Blog

Do you know the functionality of an automatic tool changer?

February 2019
Author: NC Service Team
Company: Nicolás Correa Service, S.A.
Do you know the functionality of an automatic tool changer?

The ATC (Automatic Tool Changer), allows that the change of tools in the milling head is carried out in a programmed way and without the intervention of an operator, then optimizing and simplifying the work of CNC milling machines.

There are two main types of tool changers. On one hand, the static tool changer is placed on the working surface of the table and in which the movement for carrying out the tool exchange is done by means of machine’s axes and milling head returning to its original position. On the other hand, in a tool store with a clamp the milling head is placed in a fixed position in Z and in Y and the clamp displaces for replacing the tool.

In Nicolas Correa Service we take care of the repair of this ATC component during the refurbishment process of a CNC milling machine. An inspection, repair and/or replacement of the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components, as well as a regulation of the mechanical stops and a new parameterization of the tool clamping are carried out in most of the cases. Also, in some occasions in which the milling machines did not have this accessory, it is possible to include the installation of a newly manufactured ATC during the retrofitting process.

In this video you can see a tool exchange test during the repair of an ATC with clamp for the refurbishment process of the Anayak HVM5000 milling machine.

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