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Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. Blog

Extending the useful life of your CORREA milling machine? Count on Nicolás Correa Service!

July 2018
Author: NC Service
Company: Nicolás Correa Service, S.A.
Extending the useful life of your CORREA milling machine? Count on Nicolás Correa Service!

Milling machines lose their initial machining properties due to the wear of the machine over time. But before considering the purchasing of another machine, enlarging the useful life of your milling machine through its refurbishment could be also considered.

At Nicolás Correa Service, we make full mechanical refurbishment of your CORREA milling machines, inspecting, repairing or replacing all its components, so that its properties return to their original conditions. Besides, to solve the possible technological obsolescence of your milling machine, old numerical controls could also be updated with the installation of other new updated one. That will guarantee the adequacy of the machine to the technological and quality standards of the market at all times. We can even provide you with a replacement milling machine while yours is being rebuilt at our facilities in order to minimize the downtime in your company.

The useful life of your CORREA milling machine could be extended with guarantees at NC Service!

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