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Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. Blog

Get to know our second-hand milling machines offer! Nicolás Correa Service

September 2019
Author: Nicolás Correa Service Team
Company: Nicolás Correa Service, S.A.
Get to know our second-hand milling machines offer! Nicolás Correa Service

At Nicolás Correa Service, we analyse the second-hand milling machines’ market in order to have a large and diverse stock of refurbished milling machines, so our customers could choose and select the one that best suits their machining needs.

When purchasing a refurbished milling machine, our customers analyse different aspects, being the type of the CNC milling machine essential, influenced by the part to be machined though.

Therefore, at Nicolás Correa Service we try to have a large availability of refurbished milling machines which, according to the movement of their structural elements, can be divided in these four types:

1) Bed type milling machine
In this type of milling machine, both the bed and the column remain fixed. The working table moves on the bed forming X axis, while the column has a spindle that moves the framework in vertical Z axis. This framework is also supporting the ram, which moves transversely forming Y axis. Designed for machining relatively light weighted parts, their X travel is usually between 1 and 5 metres.

The most common use for this type of milling machine is mechanical sector, especially in sectors like die-matricery and die-cutting.

Examples of machines of this type being retrofitted at NC Service could be CORREA "A" range (A10, A16, A25/25, A30/50...), CORREA "CF" range (CF17, CF22/25, CF22/20, CF25/25...), CORREA PRISMA, CORREA DIANA, etc.

Bed type CORREA A30/50 milling machine after its overhauling process could be seen in this video.

2) Mobile column milling machine
Here, working table is fixed keeping the load always constant. Column, which moves along the lateral side of the table, accommodates the frame moving in Z axis as well as provides support for the ram, moving in Y axis.

Ideal for heavy pieces as the table where the workpiece is placed remains fixed to the ground which produces less inertia because only the crosshead-framework-ram set is moving.

This type of milling machine is very common in railway and naval industry, and those most usually being refurbished by Nicolás Correa Service are CORREA "L" range (L30/43, L30/84, L30/104...) or ANAYAK "HVM" range (HVM-2300, HVM-3300, HVM-5000, HVM7000).

This retrofitted mobile column CORREA L30/40 is an example of this type of milling machines, while in this video you can see in operation a mobile column Anayak HVM 7000 milling machine.

3) Fixed bridge and mobile table Milling machine
This type has two columns placed at both sides of the bed joined at the top by the crosshead. This crosshead is the support for the framework and both make up Y axis and serve for guiding the ram, which in this case is vertical and forms the displacement of Z axis. X axis is formed by the movement of the table on the bed.

This type of milling machine is ideal for big parts, not too heavy though, and with spherical forms. Very commonly used in energy and aeronautical sectors, but also in general mechanical sector.

NC Service refurbish CORREA "FP" range (FP30/30, FP30/40, FP40/40, FP40/50...) or "EURO 2000" within this type.

This bridge CORREA FP30/40 milling machine is now available for immediate delivery after its mechanical refurbishment. This video shows you a retrofitting process for a similar milling machine.

4) Gantry milling machine
In this type of milling machine, the working table is fixed. Bridge and columns, forming the crosshead-framework-ram assembly, travel longitudinally along a pair of "rails".

Commonly used when customers need to machine large and heavy pieces, as there are no limitations about the weight to be placed on the table.

The most common application is for the mechanical sector, mainly for die-matricery and die-cutting sectors.

The CORREA Pantera milling machine, available for delivery and start-up at a customer's facilities, is one example of this type of machines.

On top of that, and attending our costumer’s demands, we have enlarged our availability of machines by incorporating other machine tool for chip removal, highlighting the 5-axis Deckel Maho machining centres.

In case not finding the ideal milling machine solution among our machines in stock, customers can contact our sales team who will assist them in this search or help him finding the best alternative in the market fitting their work.

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