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Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. Blog

Sanding, priming and painting process at NC Service

November 2018
Author: Nicolás Correa Team
Company: Nicolás Correa Service, S.A.
Sanding, priming and painting process at NC Service

One of the first steps after disassembling all parts on their three axes (X/Y/Z) during the refurbishment of a milling machine at NC Service, is the sanding, priming and painting process.

All parts are cleaned and inspected in detail in order to repair or replace them in the event of any damage. They are also sanded and a primer coat is given in order to allow the new paint not hollow out or peel over time.

This process gives a renewed appearance to the milling machine which, together with the exhaustive mechanical refurbishment that is also carried out, gives the final result of a milling machine in excellent conditions.

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