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Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. Blog

Three reasons why at NC Service only work with first branded milling machines!

July 2019
Author: Nicolás Correa Team
Company: Nicolás Correa Service, S.A.
Three reasons why at NC Service only work with first branded milling machines!

At Nicolás Correa Service we are specialists in the refurbishment of second-hand milling machines. Due to our great knowledge and close relation with the manufacturer, CORREA is the main brand we work with. However, among our stock of industrial milling machines there are other internationally renowned brands such as Zayer, Soraluce and Anayak.

The 3 main reasons for our specialization in milling machines are the followings:

  • Premium international brands: The prestige of these first-quality trademarks is a guarantee of security and reliance to us. Working with second-hand milling machines makes that having high-quality structure and materials is essential when carrying out a retrofitting or a technological upgrade.
  • Qualified knowledge: The experience being acquired based on our extensive knowhow in these brands refurbishment is another main reason for focusing only on few top brands, developing a highly specialization which allows us to performance an accuracy and excellence work.
  • Spare parts: Being Spanish brands, the availability of spare parts during the retrofitting process of these milling machines in a short lead time is guaranteed. There are always damaged or broken components that need to be replaced, so this is becomes crucial for our customers.

Our refurbished milling machines have the maximum performance guarantees, being the best on the second-hand market, due to the reliability of the brands that we work with, Correa, Zayer, Soraluce & Anayak, together with our skill and proficiency.

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