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The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Local Agent

We search

We are looking for Local Agent for Middle East Area for selling Neotecman hot forging systems (furnace+cutting+presses) for brass and aluminium alloys.


Please, contact:

Alain Delem
Commercial Dept.


Cel.: +34 616 398 994

About us

Neotecman is situated near Barcelona, a particularly innovative and industrial European region. The company designs, develops and produces the most compact and innovative machinery for hot forging processes on the market. The equipment range is composed by forging presses, bar furnaces bar cutting systems for brass, aluminium and copper alloys. The origins go back to the family company, Metalúrgica Domingo S.A., which was founded in 1981. The wide knowledge in the forging field is committed to innovation and collaboration with partners capable of managing and developing this knowledge into the final product. The result is IKD (Innovation, Knowledge, and Development): a global and highly competitive leader company. Nowadays the company exports the knowledge and products to the five continents. Neotecman is committed to the future; we are convinced that the best way to predict it is to invent it. Neotecman’s Vision is to become the leading designer and manufacturer of the most innovative, compact and versatile range of servo-hydraulic driven forging systems for non-ferrous metals, fully satisfying our Customers production requirements . Neotecman’s main Mission is to meet the special needs of each Customer by offering the highest product quality and accurate movements control of furnace, bar cutter and press. We are focused on building long-term business relationships with our Customers, providing customized approach on every project, based on cutting-edge technology and continuous research and improvement.


Neotecman S.L.
Mr. Alain Delem
C/ Pujols, Parc. B-27 - Pol. Celrà
17460 Celrà