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2017-01-24 12:29

Quality assurance: “random-sample measurements often no longer suffice”

The German-language scientific periodical “Bild der Wissenschaft” has described Prof. Gisela Lanza as the “120-per-cent woman”, because for four years she worked simultaneously as the first incumbent of the Shared Professorship of “Global Production Engineering and Quality” at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and at the automaker Daimler.

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2017-01-24 07:00

"When I grow up..."

In 1971 Zehra Kaval came from Turkey to Germany when she was three years old, as the daughter of immigrant workers. Today, she is proud to have reached her personal ambition and now works as a Management Assistant in the Digital Factory Division. It took her 35 years of hard work to make this dream a reality, but even at five years of age, she knew what she wanted to do...

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2017-01-23 01:00

The HBP310-523G cuts miters accurately and economically

Behringer has the solution: particularly ideal for applications in steel constructions and the steel trade.

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2017-01-23 01:00

PRÄWEMA Antriebstechnik – Even more precise is possible

VarioCrossHoning opens up new potentials for the power honing of gearing. The new process developed by PRÄWEMA Antriebstechnik promises even more precise machining results and hence an excellent quality of the gearing.

2017-01-19 01:00

With the HBM540A SC-Kit on the fast lane

Behringer marks a turning point in the field of high-performance band sawing with its SC-Technology. The findings gathered from the HBM400SC have been realized through the development of the SC-Kit for the HBM540A. The result: improved cutting performance and a longer tool life.

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2017-01-18 12:18

Securing and Innovating the Industrial Business – The Revolution Continues at the Embedded World

Conditions and requirements in the industrial environment are extreme, diverse, and complex. At Embedded World 2017, hall 4, booth 540, Wibu-Systems will prove how CodeMeter harmonizes this heterogeneous landscape with one unique multi-platform, multi-vendor, and multi-purpose technology.

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2017-01-18 09:24

Specialists for micro cutting – now in sealed design available

For many years, the TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology, developed and patented by SCHUNK, are setting benchmarks in the field of metal cutting. Its high absolute accuracy, dy-namics and excellent rigidity and damping value allow best surface qualities and long tool lives. In order to open up the potentials of modern HSC cutting edges and spindles more comprehensively...

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2017-01-17 15:12

The mountain saw

Without traffic disruption, on the Autostrada Adriatica, which connects the north of Italy to the heel of the boot, the two tunnels of the Montedomini Tunnel have been widened from two to three lanes...

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2017-01-17 09:43

The future of Tool Lifecycle Management

More than 110 participants have experienced Tool Data Management as the nucleus for Industrie 4.0 at the new Walter AG Technology Center...

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2017-01-17 09:00

Automatic, Flexible and Smart Handling Device for Stacking Blanks

FAGOR ARRASATE, in line with their constant technological Innovation strategy, has developed a new Automatic and Flexible Blank Handling Device which allows for a significant increase in the capacity to make model changes with a smaller investment, leading to greater productivity, reducing the maintenance costs as well as making possible to perform the stacking in a more ergonomic, safer & energy.

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