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OPS-INGERSOLL Funkenerosion Videos

High Speed Eagle V9: 5 axis milling of the OPS-INGERSOLL Eagle

2017-10-09 14:41 | 119 calls
This vidieo shows the machining of the OI Eagle on the High Speed Eagle V9 HSM. The Eagle is milled from a solid aluminu block in 2 clamping situations. The V9 is a HSM with a Fischer HSK 50 high frequency spindle 1 - 36.000 rrpm. The V9 has a linear (Torque) A/B axis for maximum accuracy and dynamic. It is equipped with the latest Heidenhain TNC 640 controller. The milling programm has been progrmmed with DELCAM Powermill. The cutters are from AURA. The programming has been performed by our customer and partner, Company Otto Technology, Bad Endbach. We kindly like to thank Michael Otto and his crew for the support and contribution to this remarkable project. For further information check out www.ops-ingersoll.com www.ops-ingersoll.de


Speed Eagle V9