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Dividing heads

ATC NC rotary tables

ATC the new flexible, compact, high performance models from Peiseler.

Modern styling and attractive pricing characterize these NC units. Basis for this success concept is the complete drive train optimization, applying consistent design principals throughout the synchronized series sizing and their 5 axis machining.

The design structure with a service friendly objective enables a fast and easy rebuild by in house maintenance staff. We will gladly assist with instructions, fixtures, tools and precision parts.

A wide range of modular options are available for all four models:
ATC 125 • ATC 160 • ATC 250 • ATC 300 • ATC 350
- horizontal or vertical installation
- mutable table top diameters and features
- pneumatic or hydraulic clamping (6 bar or 60 bar)
- left or right hand motor mounting
- motor connection by elasto coupling
- 1 : 1 or 2 : 1 gear box mountable left or right
- drive motors by Siemens, Fanuc , Heidenhain as well as others
- IP 67 execution
- manifold 4 + 1 port
- additional integral support bearing
- angle encoder Heidenhain RCN 2380 with a +/- 5 “ system accuracy or RCN 2580 with a +/-2.5“ system accuracy, for both systems apply a +/- 1” repeatability
- Peiseler or VDI - DGQ inspection report
- cable harness
- tailor made design adapted to your needs are available
  • ATC module standing
  • ATC module horizontal
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