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Pepperl+Fuchs AG
Metering and counting instruments and devices
Software packages facilitate configuration, parameterization and operation of several Pepperl+Fuchs products. PACTwareTM is a manufacturer and fieldbus-independent configuraton tool based on a standardized interface and device-specific Device Type Managers, or DTMs for short. Looking for DTMs for certain products? You will find them in our DTM Collections.

Microsoft .NET and other sofware utilities are located under Software Tools. They are also linked to the specific product on the individal product information pages on our website.

PACTware is an open, manufacturer and fieldbus independent user interface for plantwide operation of devices, systems and communication interfaces

The safety-related parts of machines and plants require precise risk assessment and safety tests. It's helpful if your manufacturer provides you with the needed values for proper analysis. Pepperl+Fuchs supports you and offers several libraries which include all important safety parameters for both safety products and standard products. Once integrated into the SISTEMA software tool, these libraries help you assess risks and safety.
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