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Horn Blog

Horn Hartstoffe GmbH

November 2020
Author: paulhorn
Company: Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn GmbH
Horn Hartstoffe GmbH

At Horn Hartstoffe GmbH, the manufacturing process of an insert begins. Initially, powder is transformed into a green compact. Subsequent manufacturing steps are located at Paul Horn GmbH. Due to the entire in-house production of precision tools at HORN, all factors can be controlled from the beginning. "Firstly, it means you can respond quickly to market changes and demands, particularly as regards new products. Secondly, it enables you to adopt an integrated, coordinated approach when developing new products by allowing production know-how to be harnessed and fed into the development process“, says Walter Wiedenhöfer, plant manager of Horn Hartstoffe GmbH.

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