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Horn Products
Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn GmbH
T-slot cutters

T-Nuten-Fräser der Systeme 406 und 409

Horn extended the patented Tangetialfräsprogramm. The T-grooves cutter with indexable inserts rhombic type 406 or 409 are designed as plug-in router to DIN1835 B. Through the interpretation of optimized, adapted to the manufacturing process for the production of T-slots, the carrier tools have high stability. The milling cutters have an internal coolant supply with radial outlet for efficient cooling and to optimize the chip flow. The specially surface treated cutters main body is long term protected against the abrasive attack chips with its high hardness and strength.

The precision ground inserts of the type 406 and 409 achieve a high surface quality at the base of the Groove and the flanks. Positive span - and axial angle, as well as a free surface chamfer ensures a stable wedge angle and a particularly quiet milling process. The cutter body are available in the section widths from 11 mm to 22 mm in relation the cutting diameter from 25 mm to 50 mm. The cutters variations are double row and three-row populated. This ensures optimal apportioning of the resulting cutting forces, as well as a peaceful process.
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