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Ultra precise balancing technology

PMB - Präzisionsmaschinenbau Bobertag GmbH
Electronic unbalance measuring and control equipment
The innovative CAROBA® UMS series is one of the reasons for the success of our balancing systems. These unbalance measuring systems enable you to precisely record all the data necessary for a perfect balancing process. The balancing software then uses this data to calculate balancing instructions. We originate from the field of ultra-precision.

Therefore, with our CAROBA® system you will achieve by far the best balancing quality and the lowest residual unbalance masses. Thus, our balancing systems provide perfect balancing results up to residual unbalance masses in the microgram range.

Three different versions offer you the possibility of using an economically and technically suitable system depending on the task and boundary conditions. From micro motors to industrial blowers, from individual balancing to series production. Our supplied balancing software for the PC is compatible with all measuring systems of the PMB-UMS series and brings you an important advantage: You operate the system comfortably with mouse, keyboard and a large monitor.

UMS PRO-i -Our flagship-

Our UMS PRO-i with integrated industrial PC is an autonomous system that provides maximum operational reliability and full compatibility with our CAROBA® SOFT balancing software. The PRO-i combines the high performance of our UMS series with countless interfaces for the integration in automated test stands. The multitude of direct interfaces, among other things to drive systems and positioning solutions, makes it the perfect device for integration into our balancing machines and into your systems for flexible instrumentation. With the UMS PRO-i you will achieve balancing qualities of G = 0.05 mm/s and better with balancing speeds of up to 1,200,000 rpm.

UMS PRO -Use with external PC-

The UMS PRO for connection and operation via a USB cable with any commercially available PC or laptop. Modular and flexible, the „PRO“ version is particularly suitable for use in manual test systems, as well as for integration into existing function test systems with existing PCs. It is our most used system in development departments and in prototype construction. Upgrading with our drive and positioning controls is also possible with this system. With the UMS PRO you will achieve balancing qualities of G = 0.05 mm/s and better with balancing speeds of up to 800,000 rpm.

UMS COMPACT -Economical, compact, mobile-

The smallest UMS is our most inexpensive measuring system. It offers you similarly high precision as its big brothers, bundled in a small, compact housing. It is ideal for use in the laboratory, in the development of rotors, in manual balancing systems and in mobile operation. Even though it‘s so small, the COMPACT already comes with control interfaces for drives and with
switching output. The COMPACT is connected via USB to a standard PC or laptop. With the UMS COMPACT you will achieve balancing qualities of G = 0.1 mm/s and better with balancing speeds of up to 96,000 rpm.
  • CAROBA UMS Compact
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