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Clouver Blog

Cutting. Cloud. Clouver I4.0

Three-tiered composition of Clouver platform

May 2018
Author: ProCom-Team
Company: ProCom GmbH
Three-tiered composition of Clouver platform

Through its innovative I4.0 platform Clouver, ProCom is offering a truly game-changing IoT-solution supplying you with comprehensive insight into your machinery in operation. Each involved party – whoever you are – CEO, factory manager or machine operator will be kept up-to-date. Additional apps turn this platform into a distinct tool increasing the productivity of your business.

Clouver platform - Three-tiered composition

  1. Machine link-up
    The connection to new machines occurs via standard interfaces such as OPC-UA or fieldbus systems. By reading machine conditions and through sensors older machinery can also be integrated into the Clouver platform through individually customizable Clouver-gateways.

  2. Clouver edge
    Data is saved to Clouver edge on premise for further data processing within your company. Machine data of all production lines can be processed further in very short production cycles.

  3. Clouver
    Clouver in the cloud serves to integrate several production sites. Only those data released by your company in Clouver edge, is then sent to the cloud. A wider basis of data allows for improved analysis, for instance in machine-leraning.

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