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Clouver Products

Cutting. Cloud. Clouver I4.0

ProCom GmbH
CNC for other machines


Quick and precise cut the ProCom control technology with the CNC300eco customized for different cutting methods for high cutting speeds and dynamics.

Our proven CNC products are used, if in addition to high precision and maximum throughput demanding functions, derived from individual machine concepts is required.

The CNC300eco is based on our proven and continuously improved ProCom-CNC core, which is used in thousands of applications worldwide for decades. Equipped with software packages for laser cutting, various knife cutting, water jet cutting and plasma cutting, which harness our expert knowledge of different procedures for you, providing incisive better results.
With their attractive modern design, the CNC300eco is much smaller than other CNC controls, allowing for a space-saving arrangement in the Panel or the control panel.

The current CNC300 support products, the CNC300eco and CNC300pro EtherCAT as an interface to the drives and the field level. This interface provides maximum flexibility the ProCom controls and open access to the entire range of EtherCAT-based drives and peripherals.
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