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Seaming machine
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Seaming machines
Seaming without Limits!

Application: Seaming samples
The RAS 22.07 SpeedySeamer with seven rollforming stations is a multi-functional and cost-efficient machine for varying uses in the HVAC ducting industry. The top of the line RAS 22.09 SpeedySeamer is a 9-station high quality system. Both machines are designed for sheet thicknesses up to 1.5 mm mild steel. The profiles can be as high as 20 mm and the machines reach a speed of 16 m/min.

The machines can have two sets of rolls set up at a time. This allows to have a set of Pittsburgh Rolls on one side and a set of Standing Seam Rolls on the other side. The same could be done with a set of Snap Lock Rolls on one side and Cam Standing Rolls on the other. The rolls are made from the highest quality case-hardened special steel. For additional safety the sheet support tables can be adjusted to the different run heights of the right and left roller set.