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Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Clamping devices, hydraulic

Threaded-Body Work Support with long Shaft

70 bar
3 kN
300 N
10 mm
Protect Difficult-to-Access Surfaces against Deflection

To stabilize the components that could swing or bend during machining, the ROEMHELD Group has developed a new series of either single or double-acting work supports. They excel by a small extension shaft to reach difficult-to-access recesses and cavities.
The elements are suitable for all mounting positions and are screwed in into the fixture body in a space-saving way. Developed for the use in machine tools with low-pressure hydraulics, they reach already at 70 bar a support force of 3 kN and can absorb side loads of up to 300 N.
For clamping, a support plunger with a diameter of only 10 mm is hydraulically extended and contacts the workpiece surface with spring force. The support plunger is radially locked by a thin-walled locking bush. When unclamping, first the locking bush will be released again and then the piston is retracted by spring force - or hydraulically in double acting versions. The maximum stroke is 6.5 mm.
The work support is protected against contamination by a metallic wiper edge and a FKM wiper. Positive air pressure of up to 0.2 bar can be connected to the vent port to effectively avoid the penetration of liquids. The interior parts are protected against corrosion.
The work support can be used in an extremely flexible way because of the only 16 mm wide extension shaft that is available with a freely selectable length from 20 to 100 mm. Thus, the single-acting variant with a length of 86 to 116 mm can be used in machine spaces; the double-acting version is available with dimensions from 120 to 200 mm.
The double-acting version is also suitable for the use in automated processes: hydraulic extending and retracting of the piston allow short clamping and unclamping cycles.
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Hydraulic hinge clamp
Hydraulic hinge clamp
Clamping device, hydraulic
Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Clamping devices, hydraulic
Hydraulic hinge clamp
1,3 - 21,5 kN
70 - 250 bar
2 - 9 mm
4 - 150 cm³/s
Inexpensive and compact clamping element with high clamping force for simple clamping tasks. The insertion of workpieces from
possible unhindered at the top, since the clamping lever
completely behind the front edge of the element.

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