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Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Machine vices

MC-P: The Multi-Talent among the Workholding Systems

8-35 kN
15-25 kN
40-125 mm
The patented workholding systems of the series HILMA MC-P are highly versatile due to numerous variants and an extensive range of accessories. They excel by high stability and precision with very good accessibility and comprehensive swarf protection. There are versions for concentric clamping, clamping against a fixed jaw or position flexible clamping as well as mechanically or hydraulically operated variants. Types with a jaw width between 40 mm and 125 mm, maximum clamping forces from 8 kN to 35 kN and a large selection of jaw openings up to 6-400 mm are on offer.
Thanks to the compact design, collision-free tool paths and the use of short standard tools in 5-axis machining are possible. A further advantage for the user is the option to clamp workpieces for clamping cycle 1 and 2 in one system. Raw and finished parts can be machined without retrofitting. Due to the good swarf protection, the workholding systems are particularly suitable for the use in pallet systems.

Besides 5-axis machining and concentric clamping, the position flexible version MC-P Z Balance is suitable for individual or series clamping of bars, rails, profiles, guide rails or housings. The compensating function avoids deformation during clamping of delicate or long components so that a precise and process-safe manufacturing is guaranteed. Also workpieces that are fixed by internal contours or positioning elements can be clamped concentrically.
A comprehensive range of jaws with interchangeable step, pendulum and prismatic jaws, as well as interchangeable inserts with hard-metal coating or grip serrated complete the product group. On request, MC-P workholding systems can also be delivered as customised versions.
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Workholding Systems SCS
Workholding Systems SCS
Machine vice
Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Machine vices
Workholding Systems SCS
WS 5.4600
80 und 120 mm
21 bis 40 kN
The workholding systems SCS are especially advantageous for 5-axis machining.
The compact design allows a good accessibility of the tools to the workpiece. Collision-free tool paths and a 5-sided workpiece machining can be achieved with short standard tools.
Due to the good swarf protection, workholding systems SCS are particularly suitable for the use in pallet systems.
The stability of the clamping systems and the high retention force due to the use of the special grip reversible jaw with hard metal coating make pre-embossing of the workpieces superfluous.

clamping against the fixed jaw
mechanically or hydraulically operated

- Compact design
- High precision and accuracy of the manufactured workpieces by high rigidity
- High zero-point stability
- Sturdy design and good swarf protection
- Large jaw openings
- Extensive range of jaws
- Easy to maintain
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