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Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Standard fixture parts and clamping devices

Position flexible clamping claws

250 bar
7,5 kN
10 kN
± 4 mm
Position flexible clamping elements can be used for supporting and clamping of unstable workpiece sections. They adapt themselves to the position of the clamping point without deforming them. They cushion vibrations and compensate machining forces from all directions.

? Clamps position flexible within the pendulum range
? Workpiece support points adjustable and mountable in 4 positions
? Uninmpeded loading and unloading of the fixture
? Very low displacing forces act on the workpiece
? Adjustable zero position
? Compensation of machining forces from all directions
? Monitoring of the unclamping position and the end of the clamping stroke can be effected pneumatically or inductively
? Clamping lever can be swivelled into small recesses
? Double-acting clamping function
? Locking port can be controlled separately
? Oil supply optionnally by connecting threads or drilled channels
? Connecting hoses with swarf protection
? Air sealing connection to avoid entry of swarf and coolants
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Electric swing clamps
Electric swing clamps
Standard fixture part and clamping device
Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte
Standard fixture parts and clamping devices
Electric swing clamps
24 V
3 - 9 kN
7 kN
20 mm
3 mm
3,5 s
150 mm
24 VDC
Electric swing clamps are used for clamping or holding of workpieces
- where the use of hydraulic clamping elements is not possible
- where the clamping force must be maintained also after the separation from the energy supply
- when clamping elements have to be controlled individually
- when an extended functionality is required for automated systems
- when the clamping and holding points shall be free for loading and unloading of the fixture

Electric swing clamps are particularly suited for:
- Packaging industry
- Test systems
- Special machines
- Assembly equipments and robotics
- Automatic manufacturing systems
- Clamping fixtures with workpiece loading via handling systems

- High clamping force
- Adjustable clamping force
- Clamping force monitoring (error code output)
- Can be controlled individually or in common
- High operating safety by self-locking spindle drive
- Mechanical reclamping by Belleville springs
- Swing angle up to 180° available
- Overload protection device in the case of collisions with the clamping arm
- Electric position monitoring and extensive self-monitoring with error message
- Clamping stroke control possible
- Low voltage 24 V
- Leakage free
- Maintenance free (500,000 cycles).
- Code class IP 67
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