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Fast and strong for machining

With their enormous travel and feed force range in all three main axes, the horizontal MFZ 4 machining centers of SAMAG Saalfelder Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH are currently the fastest machines of this type. They are also unmatched in their short down times, thanks in part to loading during primary processing time and their short tool change times. With 2.5 seconds per tool change time the models of the MFZ 4 production series are dead even with linear machines – at the same time, these systems equipped with conventional ball screws are more reasonably priced, require a lower power rating and need less cooling capacity. During the AMB 2014 SAMAG will be introducing a four table torque variant. Every single B-axis table produces 90 revolutions per minute, thus providing a correspondingly high acceleration and rapid rotation when changing to the next machining position. A 180 degree rotation takes place in half a second. The rapid and powerful machining of aluminum will be demonstrated live on the exhibition machine.

The WBM 1-200.4 is also a production deep-hole drilling machine. It is designed for drilling valves with bore diameters from 1 through 6 mm and drilling depths to 200 mm in automated systems and will also be demonstrated at the AMB. The WBM 1-200.4 can be combined with systems with five to six machines with automatic workpiece infeed and central cooling lubricant system and has been successful for customers in this configuration. The five production series models of the one-to-six spindle WBM systems are stepped for rotationally symmetrical workpieces with a bore diameter from 1 to 32 mm and drilling depths to 1,600 mm. WBM systems allow you to machine a large spectrum of components made of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals (NE).

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