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S+B Maschinenhandelsgesellschaft


S+B Maschinenhandelsgesellschaft mbH
Becker-G”ring-Str. 1/1
76307 Karlsbad-Ittersbach
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Machining Center - Universal HELLER HF 5500

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Karlsbad Ittersbach Halle 1

  • Reference number 1032-03664
    Manufacture Year 2018
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • 5 Sides Machining centres (Vert/Hor)
  • x-travel:900 mm
    y-travel:950 mm
    z-travel:930 mm
    tool taper:HSK 100
    spindle drive:46 kW
    turning speed range - stepless:12.000 1/min
    max. torque on the spindle:201 Nm
    numbers of positions in the tool changer:100 Pos.
    control:SIEMENS 840D Solutionline
    total connected load:56 kVA

    5-axis CNC universal milling center,
    spindle horizontal,
    NC-swivelling-rotary table,
    internal coolant supply with filter,
    el. handwheel,
    3D touchprobe

    approx. 6.000 hours "switch on" only

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