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CAD software

Pictures by PC - 2D / 3D CAD Design and Construction

2D / 3D CAD Design and Construction
Complete 2D CAD for creating DIN/ISO compliant drawings, 3D design of mechanical parts including sheet metal and steel frames, as well as 3D modelling and modification of freeform parts (volumes, surfaces, meshes).

2D Layouts and Mechanical Drafting
Create 2D layouts, plans and production drawings. Highlights include mechanical detailing such as DIN/ISO drawing borders, dimensioning, geometric tolerancing, surface texture symbols, detail views, screw connections, bearings, springs and more. Create 2D symbol libraries or select symbols from a range of standard libraries (electronic, hydraulic, steel profiles etc.).

3D Mechanical Modelling
3D hybrid (solid, surface, mesh) modelling facilitates the creation of 3D models using features such as primitives, extrusion, rotation, sweeping, skinning and more. Direct modelling (surface offset, taper, move, rotate) enables the flexible modification of solid geometry including imported STEP, SAT and IGES models.

Sheet Metal and Framing
Sheet metal component creation including flanges and HEM double flanges (control over length, angle, bend radius, flange location). Automatic and manual cut back of corners complete with the generation of unfolded 2D flat patterns to K factor values. Steel framing is also included for the creation of 2D/3D DIN/ISO and user defined framework (e.g. DIN 1024/1025) complete with automatic corner mitering.

Standalone 2D/3D CAD (Solids, Surfaces, Meshes)
Import/Export of neutral CAD-Formats: SAT, STEP, IGES, STL, DXF
2D Drafting and Detailing
Dimensioning and Detail Views
DIN/ISO tolerancing, surface texture symbols, screw connections, bearings and springs
3D Solid Part Modelling
Direct Modelling Modifications
Large Assembly Handling
Sheet Metal Design
Steel Profiles and Framing Design
Automatic Generation of 2D Drawing Views from a 3D Model
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Pictures by PC - 3D Freeform Modelling and Design
Pictures by PC - 3D Freeform Modelling and Design
CAD software
CAD software
3D Freeform Modelling and Design
Sculpt and create aesthetically pleasing forms using our hybrid solid, surface and mesh modeller.

3D Freeform Solid Modelling
Sculpt 3D solid models using skinning and sweeping functions (through profiles and guide curves). Advanced filleting includes 3 face, boundary defined, quintic, cubic and multiple radii filleting. Hybrid operations can be used between solid, surface and mesh models (addition, subtraction, union). Models can also be shaped using 'Bending', 'Twisting', 'Stretching', 'Blending', 'Capping' and 'Global Shaping'.

3D Freeform Surface Modelling
Surface modelling (ACIS, Bezier, Nurbs) offers the ultimate freedom when sculpting forms or repairing models. Features include skinning, sweeping, net surfaces, tangential surface blending and extension, in addition to advanced covering and 5+ sided surface patching. Semi-automatic part splitting (mould making) helps in the separation of core and cavity forms at silhouette edges. Analysis tools detect undercut regions and display surface curvature (zebra stripping).

3D Mesh Modelling and Modification (STL)
Import and healing (closure of gaps) of triangulated mesh models (reverse engineering, 3D scanning, 3D printing) helps to ensure 'watertight' models. Hybrid Boolean operations (union, subtraction, intersection) can be performed between mesh, solid and surface models. A mesh editor enables the modification of mesh vertices, edges and faces (move, extrude, rotate, scale, remove, undercut detection etc). Additional highlights include mesh offsetting, smoothing, bumping, cutting and reduction.

Skinning and Sweeping
Advanced Filleting (3 Face, Boundary, Quintic)
Hybrid Solid Operations (Mesh, Solid, Surface)
Direct Modelling (Offset, Move, Remove, Thicken, Shelling)
Net UV Surfaces
5 Sided Surface Patching
Part Splitting
Surface Analysis (Undercut, Curvature)
Bending, Twisting, Stretching
Advanced Capping/Covering
Global Shaping
Mesh (STL) Editor (Vertices, Edges, Faces)
Mesh Healing and Hole Closure
Mesh Reduction
Mesh Freeform Bumping and Smoothing
Mesh Offsetting and Cutting
  • Pictures by PC - CAD CAM Video - Concept Design and Development
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Pictures by PC - Graphic, Design, Documentation
Pictures by PC - Graphic, Design, Documentation
CAD software
CAD software
Graphic, Design, Documentation
Create posters, brochures and leaflets with Pictures by PC's graphic design tools. Design manuals, technical documentation and assembly instructions.

2D and 3D Graphic Design
Create posters, brochures and flyers by combining rendered 3D CAD models, 2D vector graphics (2D CAD, cliparts, vectorised bitmaps), bitmap images and text. Hatching allows you to fill areas with colour gradients (circular, linear, multicolored). Match the color tables of differing media with help from color palettes and color patterns. Use multi-page layouts to place text, spreadsheets and graphics across multiple pages (support for reordering and printing), and use alignment tools for the accurate positioning of elements on the page.

Professional Typography
Insert and format individual text labels (incl. text on/between curves) or block text as a justified sentence across multiple columns (Postscript, Truetype and Unicode). Modify existing fonts and create new font styles. Use kerning to vary individual character spacing. A visual 'Character Keyboard' helps display special characters, symbols and glyphs associated with a font style. A QR and EAN generator creates functional mobile marketing codes (as well as EAN codes).

Technical Documentation and Illustration
Create professional technical documentation for assembly and operating manuals. 'Thick Thin Line' illustrations are automatically generated directly from a 3D CAD model. These can be combined with graphical symbols from the numerous standard libraries (tools, hands, signs, arrows etc.). Illustrations can then be combined and laid out with bitmaps, cliparts, text, tables and vector graphics to create the final documentation. All documentation can be converted into a single navigable PDF (including 3D PDF) - ** see Business Graphics module **

Bezier Based Sketching
Import or Vector Graphic (AI, EPS, WMF..)
Hatch Gradient Fills (Circular, Linear, Multiple Colour)
Colour Sampler and Palettes
Multiple Page Layouts (Text, Tables, Graphics, Bitmaps)
Professional Typography (Postscript, Truetype, Unicode)
Bitmap Vectorisation
Import, Cutting and Positioning of Bitmaps
Technical Illustration (Thick Thin Outline Shader)
Standard Graphic Libraries (Tools, Hands, Signs, Arrows etc.)
Export as PDF (For 3D and Linked PDF Export see Business Graphics)
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Pictures by PC - Render, Animation, Presentation
Pictures by PC - Render, Animation, Presentation
CAD software
CAD software
Render, Animation, Presentation
Create stunning sales and marketing visuals using photo realistic rendering, animation, stereo and virtual reality presentations.

Photo Realistic Rendering
Select from a wide range of lights, materials, textures and surface shaders (polished metal, glass etc.) to generate stunning rendered product visuals. SIBL 'Smart Image Based Lighting' utilises a spherical environment image (backdrop) to automatically render a scene with back ground reflections and sun light positioning. Advanced rendering techniques also include displacement (wave, windy wave, ripple), environment (fog, mist etc) and photonic shaders.

Create animated presentation films to demonstrate how a product functions. Animate object movements (move, scale, rotate) over a period of time. An animation controller provides control over acceleration and deceleration, key frame copying and animations defined by mathematical formula. Animate cameras along paths to create fly-bys and walk through presentations (also with 3D stereo and virtual reality output).

Stereo and Virtual Reality Presentations
A 3D CAD model can be stereoscopically displayed either in red cyan (anaglyph) or in full color. From a perspective view, such a stereo image can be generated by adjusting the "eye distance" and the "image plane". In full color a corresponding peripheral device (VR glasses, stereo monitor or beamer) is required. Monochrome stereo images can be viewed using simple Anaglyph glasses (red-cyan glasses) directly with a monitor or printout. For virtual reality presentations, colored 3D scenes can also be exported to HTML format.

Material and Texture Libraries
Surface Shaders (Metal, Glass, Plastic etc.)
Displacement Shaders (Wind, Wave etc.)
Environment Shaders (Fog, Mist etc.)
Ray Trace and Shadow Map Lighting (Spot, Area, Point, Sun)
SIBL 'Smart Image Based Lighting'
Animation of Objects (Move, Rotate, Scale)
Animation of Cameras (Walk Through, Fly By)
Animation Key Frame Editor
3D Stereo and Virtual Reality Output
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