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Maintain a Forklift Mast Cylinder

Mobile hydraulics are one of the main components found in forklift trucks, providing the power to maneuver the forks, for example. These vehicles have become indispensable in a number of working environments, as they are particularly useful in both the areas of manufacturing and logistics, ensuring items are in the right place at the right time.

As a result, these trucks are often in constant use, meaning that the vehicle and its many sub-systems require regular maintenance and repair, which can have a large impact on productivity. While this can be done in house by the forklift owner, the replacement parts need not be ready to use immediately, and it may not always be possible to keep parts in stock. Seals-Shop.com offers many proven products for such sealing solutions, ready for immediate shipping, to help make maintenance and repair easier and faster. Keeping downtime to a minimum.

In the following example, we will focus on the maintenance of a forklift mast cylinder assumed to be operating in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 95°C.


Maintenance of a Forklift Mast Cylinder

The lift or mast cylinder is an essential part of the forklift, controlling the vertical assembly on the front that allows the truck to fulfil its main function: raising and lowering the load in question. As such, these cylinders are subjected the largest volume of fluid flow.

When this hydraulic cylinder needs to be repaired, it is recommended that a polyurethane u-cup is used as a primary seal, together with a high-strength nylon wear ring as a guiding element, together with a polyurethane wiper seal to achieve an optimum cost-performance ratio. A combination of the RU9 U-CupHimod® Slydring®, and Zurcon® Scraper DA22 make for an ideal configuration.

Zurcon® U-Cup RU9


Zurcon® Scraper DA22

Figures: Rod Seal Zurcon® U-Cup RU9, Wear Ring Himod® Slydring® and Zurcon® Scraper DA22. Source: Seals-Shop

All these hydraulic seals and many more are available in Trelleborg’s Seals-Shop in a range of sizes and can be shipped in a couple of days within Europe. For more information, visit Seals-Shop.com.

Please note, recommendations on application and system design are provided as suggestions only. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure safe and adequate performance in their own application. Seals-Shop or its supply partners cannot accept liability for the form, fit, or function sold through the Seals-Shop or consequential damages thereafter.

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