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SIC Marking Products
SIC Marking GmbH
Embossing equipment
Traditional marking technology
We offer the full range of traditional marking tools and technologies for the metal industry. High quality, perfectly engraved manual marking and numbering stamps made from best steel and with custom engravings, machine stamps made per drawing, type stamp holders with stamps, numbering heads with manual or automatic switching, presses for such tools providing the necessary force for marking are all provided.

Furthermore we offer type plates according to your design requirements from 100 pieces upwards as well as tools and systems to mark them individually with your data.

For the marking of wood and plastics we offer electrical branding irons with custom-engraved brass stamps in various sizes.

Almost all our marking tools and machines are custom-built according to customer specification and manufactured according to high quality standards. Our few standard marking tools such as stamping wheels are also of highest German standard quality, no cheap Far East produce.
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