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Integratable stylus scribing machines
Integratable stylus scribing machines
Engraving machine
SIC Marking GmbH
Engraving machines
Our integratable stylus scribing machines i61s and i113s are designed for integration into existing or proposed production lines and facilities. They provide indelible, permanent marking for items and workpieces from materials up to and including hardened steel.

Scribing systems are supported with pressurized and create engravings of print quality. The symbols and letters are not composed on the basis of a dot matrix but are inscribed by the fluent movement of the stylus in closed lines.

This marking mode is especially widely used in the marking of vehicle identification numbers (VIN). It is just as well suited for various other areas in which a visually pleasant engraved inscription is wanted.

With optional support systems our scribing machines can be used to set up stationary workplaces for engraving purposes.
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