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Integrierbarer Lasermarkierer i103L-G

The laser marking system i103L-G is an integrable marking system for manufacturing plants. It is based on an ytterbium-doped laser source, which is designed for very high performance and suitable particularly for quick and permanent marking of metals. While CO2 laser metalworking providing insufficient performance require a high energy YAG-laser, allow such fiber laser processing of metals in the same manner as YAG-laser, need but only about half as much energy as they. The laser source has an average service life of 100,000 hours of operation.

Many different solutions in production environments are possible on the basis of the embeddable i103 L G of fiber laser. While the laser on request even without PC connection can be controlled. The connection of a PC with comprehensive software for template design and the implementation of labels is of course also possible.

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