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Design Reuse and Repurposing in Solid Edge

2017-07-21 14:37 | 75 calls
In this demonstration, we show you why Solid Edge is the absolute best tool for design repurposing, using synchronous technology. Synchronous technology enables you to easily take an existing design and re-imagine and repurpose it by precisely morphing and changing it for better aesthetics, for improved performance, or for a completely different purpose. This is a great time saver over starting from a blank slate. In this example, we use synchronous technology to completely redesign a jack stand from the square based design to a pyramid based, tubular design. The next time you want to create a new design, look around and see if you have an existing model that is similar, and using Solid Edge with synchronous technology repurpose it for your new idea!

To try Solid Edge for free, follow this link: http://bit.ly/TrySolidEdge

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