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iMachining steals the show at EMO 2011!

iMachining enables extremely high speed cutting, at full depth, for all materials, from aluminum to stainless steel and titanium.

* Using its unique (patent pending) Technology Wizard, it is the only system that automatically works out the most suitable cutting conditions for the job at hand, taking account of the material, tool, geometry and machine properties.

* While other systems generate the toolpaths by keeping the cutting angle of the tool with the material constant, iMachining uses a minimum and a maximum cutting angle, stipulated by the Wizard as constraints (patent pending), and generates its toolpaths in conjunction with matching feeds and speeds, such that the mechanical and thermal loads on the tool remain constant, a feature that facilitates deeper cuts at higher feeds than other systems.

A record number of visitors watched in amazement the live steel cutting by iMachining...

iMachining got a standing ovation at the EMO from all:

* Our existing customers who are buying it in droves

* Visitors to our booth who were mesmerized by the fast live cutting

* Tool makers and machine tool makers who watched the amazing cutting

..and iMachining caused very worried looks on the faces of our competitors, who stood there watching the live iMachining cutting...

iMachining is really a phenomenon... It is SolidCAM’s great challenge to bring it to the benefit of all the machining world...

This EMO 2011 was truly an event to remember... The launch of the great iMachining by SolidCAM...

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