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Harder than the police allowed! - We grind 1000 Rockwell

2018-08-23 16:15 | Duration 00:12 | 43 calls
Beginning in 1914, Hugo Lohmann discovered the many possibilities that resulted from the setting of tungsten carbide with metals of the iron group using powder metallurgical working methods.

The tungsten carbide is characterized by a hardness that is almost as high as that of diamond. Therefore, the brand name Widia (like diamond) stands for carbide tools from Krupp. We at Spindeldoctor now coat our SK and HSK cone inserts with tungsten carbide using laser build-up welding. The process allows our customers to use FAST wear-resistant tool carrier systems.

Especially with frequent tool changes and the use of tools, it is recommended to work up the HSK / SK-cones by applying WOLFRAMCARBIDE, since hardnesses of more than 85 HrC are achieved here.

The advantage is obvious - the tool sits better in the cone, it comes to less vibration and the life of the storage is also increased.

However, a small problem arises anyway. We have to grind the cone after the coating and that ideally takes several hours. Of course, this is only possible with diamond tools.

Look at https://www.spindeldoctor.com/de/blog/haerter-als-die-polizei-erlaubt/

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