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SprutCAM Blog

Company Brocke decides on Sprutcam

April 2011
Author: Stefanie Henkel
Company: Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co. KG
Company Brocke decides on Sprutcam Company Brocke is an innovative company for wood machining, situated in Medebach. Some time ago, Brocke invested in a 5 axis Intorex machine. Programming this machine was a challenge for the company. Different suppliers of CAD/CAM software presented their software and Datentechnik Reitz made it finally.

On main reason was the high flexibility of the software – means of programming as well metall as wooden machining parts at once. Another important topic was the possibility of programming the complexe 5-axis machine. Both, positioning, as well as simultaneous works should be possible with this machine. Andreas Reitz, director of Datentechnik Reitz reported „Brocke´s machining parts have been sometimes quite challenging“.

But already during installation, a functional postprocessor has been utilized and first machining parts have been produced. Another essential topic was the simulation of the machining. To avoid collision and defective goods, it is essential to make a simulation of the machine enviroment. Brocke uses currently Solid Edge with connection to Sprutcam and uses 5-axis simultaneous module, which is integrated in Sprutcam. After a short time, Brocke bought a second Intorex machine, which has been programmed with Sprutcam as well.