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Supertec Machinery Products
Supertec Machinery, Inc.
Universal cylindrical grinding machines


Wheel Head: PMG series use the wheel head (Automatic B-axis) with 2 OD wheels and 1 ID wheel, for performing complex grinding operations, such as OD / Taper / ID grinding operations, under one setup to reduce cycle time, operation costs, and get better accuracy performances.
CNC controlled wheel head (B-axis) with servo motor output 1.2 kw
B-axis swivel range from 35° CCW to195° CW
OD spindle motor output 5HP, equipped with CE certified safety cover
OD wheel size (LHS) Ø405 x 50 xØ127 mm
OD wheel size (RHS) Ø355 x 38 xØ127 mm
CNC program controlled wheel rotation shifting mechanism (15 levels), ensure cutting capacity

Special Coolant System design: Coolant flow through the whole machine via nozzle system during the grinding operation. Extra heat will be taken away to prevent transformation, ensure the accuracy performance. Grinding chips will be washed away by the current to keep the cleanness of the machine.
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