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ViaCad / Shark > PowerPack Beta Invite
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    PowerPack Beta Invite

    Hi All

    I have created a beta for an add-on to ViaCAD that might be of interest to this forum. The Windows/Mac add-on provides tools for:

    • 3D Print Checks (Overhangs, Surface Normals, OpenEdges, Manifold)
    • Mesh & Entity Repair
    • Conversion from Mesh to Solid

    Regarding Mesh to Solid tools, I've added two tools depending on the mesh type.

    Mesh to Analytic
    This tool decomposes a mesh into analytic shapes. For example, a facetted cylinder becomes a precise NURB cylinder with a radius or diameter value. This tool is useful for data imported from STL or SketchUp.

    Subdivision to NURB
    The subd to NURB tool converts quad based meshes into NURB solids. This tool creates G2 continuous, optimized NURB surfaces. I've tested conversion up to about 500K quads.

    Coordinate Compare
    This tool compares mesh data with the converted solid data. I used this tool to see what deviations exist between a mesh and converted solid.

    There are also tools to simplify 2D profiles such as polylines into precise lines, arcs, circles, and splines.

    I have used the subdivision to NURB tool to convert scan data. However scan data must typically be run through a remesh to quad operation such as through 3D-Coat.

    If you are interested in participating in the beta a link is provided below.

    ViaCADPro with PowerPack Beta

    I'm particularly interested in feedback and how useful this tool is to the CNC community and if there are other tools that should be added.

    Tim Olson

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    Re: PowerPack Beta Invite

    Hi Tim,
    I use SharkFX and PowerPack to repair .dxf and .dwg profiles that have gaps detected, and will not extrude. I just mill 2.5D shapes, and also plasma cut profiles.
    The tools are very useful, and time saving to repair troublesome profiles.

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