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TDM Systems News

TDM Systems integrates Mapal cabinet and presetting systems in Tool Lifecycle Management

TDM Systems and Mapal cooperate

TDM Systems integrates Mapal cabinet and presetting systems in Tool Lifecycle Management

The Tübingen software company TDM Systems GmbH enables the integration of dispensing and presetting systems of cutting tool manufacturer MAPAL in the Tool Lifecycle Management. 

TDM Systems is the leading provider for the management of production equipment, such as cutting tools, measuring and inspection equipment, and fixtures, making it an ideal partner for the cutting tool manufacturer MAPAL. The MAPAL company provides their customers with new logistics and service solutions and also draws on the expertise of TDM Systems. Together, the two companies make it possible for customers to have access to a quick and affordable way to get started in professional Tool Management. With the software solutions from TDM Systems, the tool dispenser monitors and controls the usage and actual stock of the cabinet system. As a result, employees can query at any time the required information about the real-time inventory of the cabinet system. So, for example, the employee in the tool crib has a complete overview at any time of which tools are currently in storage and which tools are in use. This efficient tool crib management creates transparency within the company, leads to time reductions, and reduces production costs.

The MAPAL dispensing system can be connected to both new and existing TDM applications. Also, the MAPAL presetting system can be integrated into TDM solutions. An interface allows the exchange of nominal tool data and the re-writing of the measured, actual tool data. Via Tool Lifecycle Management the measured actual data of the presetted tool gets to the particular machine and is available there for an integrated manufacturing process. TDM Systems and MAPAL offer services that can be networked with other systems and services.

"Our Tool Lifecycle Management approach supports metal-cutting companies in their Industrie 4.0 projects. Through our software, we offer higher transparency in the production and therefore smoother workflows," says Peter Schneck, Managing Director at TDM Systems.


MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG is one of the world's leading suppliers of cutting tools for metal machining of nearly all materials. The company, founded in 1950, supplies renowned customers, mainly from the automotive and aircraft industries and the general machining indutry. The family business sets trends and standards in manufacturing and machining with their innovations.

About TDM Systems
TDM Systems GmbH has been in the business of creating software for the management of tool data and plant resources for more than 20 years. 

TDM Systems is the Sandvik Group´s Competence Center for Tool Data Management (TDM). TDM software, in use around the world, is now in its fourth generation. One key to the success of TDM is its customer-oriented solutions. TDM offers a complete system for the management and organization of production resources, including tools, jigs and fixtures, measuring and inspection equipment, setup equipment, chucks, and all related data. The present version of TDM V4 is available in 10 languages and can be procured on all international markets.


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