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The new TDM WebCatalog is revolutionizing data input

Manufacturing companies know: There is no way getting around digitalization. The new TDM WebCatalog is a networked tool for populating your tool database and keeping it up-to-date.

Thanks to up-to-date tool data from the cloud, the company-internal database can be populated quickly, automatically and without complications – and the conditions can be created for putting TDM applications into operation directly.

"Installing tool catalogs on your own server is a thing of the past with TDM WebCatalog," Uwe Sauer, SMS Projects & Strategic Projects Manager at TDM Systems, is happy to say. "It not only conserves the company's IT resources, but also avoids additional expenses from using outdated catalog data." This is because the TDM data from the cloud is always up-to-date and can be downloaded and further processed directly in TDM and TDM Global Line – both as of the 2019 release.

Networked TDM-Know how

TDM Systems has already been offering its users solutions for creating and managing tool data for more than 25 years. "The cloud catalog is the logical further development and a modern service that is indispensable nowadays and makes the everyday work of our users even easier," says Sauer. The TDM WebCatalog is, therefore, not simply a tool catalog in the cloud. It is an intelligent, networked tool with the full TDM know how.

  • The intuitive tool search gets results quickly. If users do not know specific information, such as geometric or tool parameters, TDM classification, the order number or supplier, they can simply search by inputting text.
  • TDM Systems is the only provider to supply application-specific data for metal-cutting tools, including 2D graphics and 3D models – and also does this via the WebCatalog. If users establish in the account settings which CAM system they need the data for, the solution indicates whether or not the necessary parameters for the selected CAM system exist.
  • The TDM application transfers the data records called up in the TDM WebCatalog to the central database without any steps in between, in compliance with the TDM class and group structure.
  • Is the downloaded data complete? The tool knows the answer to that. It checks the parameters transferred and highlights any missing parameters. The user can enter these manually and consequently improve data quality.

Even more in the future

Sauer is convinced that, even in the starting phase, the TDM WebCatalog is a tool "that makes machining companies' entry into the world of digitalization much easier, because the database is correct." "Our users, no matter whether they are new to TDM or have been using it for many years, can use the tool to quickly and easily populate their company-internal tool database and keep it up-to-date." So far, the TDM WebCatalog contains tool data of leading manufacturers and retailers ARNO, the Hoffman Group, Sandvik Coromant and Walter. TDM Systems intends to integrate the data of further manufacturers and is also planning to cooperate with online databases to expand the cloud catalog into an abundantly populated treasure chest of data.

The TDM WebCatalog is the first solution to come from the still very new Data Services team at TDM Systems – and will not be the last. "We are working hard on further data tools for automating processes," promises Adir Zonta, Business Development Manager for Data Services at TDM Systems.

Two further solutions are currently in the pipeline. One of them is focused on reducing the time it takes for the mass import of data that new TDM customers need. Adir Zonta makes it clear that "we want to be unbeatable here in initial data population for new customers."

„No data, no digitalization“

Adir Zonta, Business Development Manager for Data Services at TDM Systems, is an expert in the data and machining world, thanks to his many years of experience at TDM Systems and, occasionally, also at Sandvik Coromant.

Why is data important on the shopfloor, Mr. Zonta?

Data fuels digitalization. At present, manufacturing companies can only achieve added value with reliable data. To prepare as good as possible for planning and managing cutting tools, companies need real data, such as data for CAM programming and simulation, which is known today on the market as a 'digital twin', as well as data for production control systems.

How does TDM Systems support companies in implementing their digitalization strategy?

We are the only tool data specialists who can process and supply data in the way needed by the systems involved in production. At TDM Systems, we have the specialist knowledge to provide our customers with precisely the data that they need for their shopfloor tasks. From tool article management for crib inventory to the most demanding data, such as CAM programming and machining simulation.

What role does the new TDM WebCatalog play here?

At TDM Systems, we passionately advocate reducing waste and helping our customers to focus on the expertise they possess that creates added value for them. Searching for tool data and dealing with individual files as well as catalog files are time-consuming tasks. With the TDM WebCatalog, we have completely eliminated the task of processing files. I like to compare it with listening to music. Now when you want to listen to music, you can search for and enjoy the music that you love in a targeted manner. So why not apply the same principle to tool data management?

Would you like to learn more about the TDM WebCatalog? Just click here!

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