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TDM Systems News

Tool Data Management realigns its strategy towards Tool Lifecycle Management

By realigning its strategy towards Tool Lifecycle Management, TDM Systems, a software manufacturer and process consultant, is putting comprehensive customer benefit first. TDM Systems is a leader in electronic management of tools and production equipment. The Schaumberg-based company will exhibit at IMTS 14 Booth No. E-3264, showing how the TDM 4.7 software package for Tool Lifecycle Management makes life easier for machining companies. The package will also be presented in the Walter (W-1700) and Parlec (W-2300) Booths.

Today's manufacturing processes are becoming more complex all the time, while production is becoming more digital and networked. Limiting one's view to only one area of the entire production cycle means stagnating and not advancing. TDM Systems has recognized this clearly. The TDM software has covered for a long time a wide variety of process steps in tool based machining – from data and inventory management to provision of simulation-ready 3D data. "By refocusing on Tool Lifecycle Management (TLM), we purposely put the overall process front and center," says

Managing Director Peter Schneck. "We want to make sure that not only we, but especially our existing and future customers have a clear idea of the distinct advantages of TLM for the entire production process – from defining the tools to using them in planning to ensuring a seamless transfer to and use in production. In particular, a new feature is that the information from the individual process steps is fed back directly from production, ensuring continuous improvement of the data."
However, TDM Systems does not limit its view to the processes within a closed production unit. Global networking is and will remain one of the trends of the future: Machining industry 4.0. Not only companies with international production have to be networked to ensure transparent implementation of in-house production standards. Suppliers, partners and customers also have to build electronic bridges connecting each other.

So will there also be a Tool Lifecycle Management 4.0 in the future? "TDM Systems is currently developing cloud services so that information is available on the local level at all times on the Internet," says Managing Director Schneck. "Our highest priority, however, is on continuous further development of interfaces – such as those for connecting CAM systems and machine control systems – but on the planning and MES level as well. In this area, we are advocating for international standardization. That is the only way to implement Tool Lifecycle Management with maximum customer benefit."

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