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TDM Systems News

Up-to-date tool data from the cloud

Tübingen, 17. July 2019 – TDM Global Line 2019 manages tools according to items, tool assemblies and tool lists. The major advantage of this system is that its central database is available to users at all company sites. The central installation and configuration of the solution reduces IT costs and promotes synergies across multiple locations. The new online tool "TDM WebCatalog" makes Tool Data Management significantly easier in many other aspects as well: At any time, users can quickly access tool data that is always up to date and verified, and can integrate this into their TDM solution with a simple mouse click.

At the EMO 2019 in Hanover, TDM Systems GmbH will present its TDM WebCatalog to the public for the first time. The cloud application will be available to customers with TDM Global Line 2019 and TDM 2019 as of August. Using the TDM WebCatalog, users can retrieve the current tool data of leading manufacturers and retailers such as ARNO, Hoffman Tools, Sandvik Coromant and Walter. Other interesting solutions are currently being prepared. The cloud catalogs can be used to set up completely new tool databases within the company, as well as update and supplement existing ones.

Simple handling and time savings

"The highlight of the TDM WebCatalog is that the data and graphics of the selected tool can be sent directly to TDM," explains Eugen Bollinger, Head of Sales at TDM Systems. "The user does not have to create the tool again separately; rather, it is directly assigned to the appropriate class and group structure." The TDM WebCatalog also impresses the users with its flexible text search function. Regardless of whether the user is searching according to order number, supplier, an application or technical parameters, all the data required for further processing is available within a very short time.

Thanks to the TDM WebCatalog, the time-consuming process of creating a tool database is a thing of the past. Particularly during the introduction of TDM, this had been a major hurdle for businesses. "We speed up this process by up to 80 percent," explains Bollinger enthusiastically.

TDM Global Line 2019: Efficient tool management

Those who wish to use the TDM WebCatalog need to register with TDM Systems and also be users of TDM Global Line 2019 or TDM 2019 (or later versions). The interaction of the cloud catalogs with current and future releases will make the Tool Data Management of machining companies of all sizes more efficient than ever before. The central, globally accessible database, the quick integration of current and high-quality tool data and an individually configurable shopfloor work flow – along with many other features – considerably speed up the entire manufacturing process. Additionally, TDM Systems places great emphasis on the fact that TDM is not an isolated solution. Around 20 quality-tested and maintained CAM interfaces ensure seamless communication between manufacturing-relevant systems – an indispensable aspect in the age of Industrie 4.0.

TDM Systems at the EMO 2019, September 16 - 21:

- TDM Systems booth: Hall 9, F24
- DMG MORI booth: Hall 2 at north entrance
- KELCH booth: Hall 4, B61

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