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technotrans SE Products

Cooling and Temperature Control Solutions

technotrans SE
Heating and cooling technology (Composite)



active cooling systems - modular and flexible

In nearly all modern industrial production processes, a high level of productivity combined with outstanding precision are imperative for increasing the economic efficiency. This means that a fine-tuned cooling system is vital for a highly efficient production.

The endurance of the materials and systems can be significantly increased in view of a higher production performance by way of the targeted removal of heat. Accurate compliance with the temperature specifications of the individual components enables a considerably higher level of precision with an equally high level of process repeatability.

A robust refrigeration technology, customized for the respective application, is the prerequisite for a reliable, stable and economic production process. For more than 40 years the technotrans group is a strong and competent partner for cooling, temperature control and filtration and offers high-quality system solutions for the graphics industry, the laser and tooling industry worldwide.

Equipment & features:
• operator-friendly design
• high control accuracy
• energy-efficient design
• temperature control / heating via heat pump principle
• wide range of voltages including UL type

Technical data:
• cooling capacity: 4 kW to 300 kW
• ambient temperature: up to 42°C
• control accuracy up to +/-0.5K
• flow: 15 to 500 l/min.
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