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MultiSwiss 8x26 - Automotive part

2017-09-29 09:10 | Duration 00:00 | 16 calls
Eight spindles for even more options

Equipped with eight spindles and eight slides for main operations, and housing up to three tools per slide, the MultiSwiss 8x26 takes the performance of the MultiSwiss range to a new level, both in terms of complexity and productivity. Thanks to its eight highly dynamic synchronous motorspindles and ultra-fast barrel indexing, the new MultiSwiss 8x26 can produce turned parts, achieving very high levels of productivity.

Its powerful 11-kW motorspindles boast a high torque (16.1 Nm). Operating independently, they are all equipped with a C axis, including the counter spindle. Reaching speeds of 8000 rpm in only a few tenths of a second, they make a major contribution to the machine's performance. The maximum length of standard parts is 65 mm. As an option, the machine can be equipped with Y axes to further boost its workability. The machine is available in three configurations: without Y axis (entry-level); with three Y axes (intermediate); with six Y axes (complete) for the most complex parts.