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Swiss GT 26B - Electronics part

2017-09-29 11:23 | 19 calls
Up to 36 tools, including 16 rotating tools
The machine possess unique characteristics. The innovative design of the B-axis accommodates 2 x 4 rotating spindles with a spindle speed of up to 9,000 rpm. The last rotating position is modular and can accommodate a thread whirler. It is also possible to install a fixed
tool station.

The rotating tools mounted on the B axis machine in coordination with the C axis, delivering the ability to cut both precise angles and sculpted contours. This feature transforms this Swiss-type lathe into a high-performance, multitasking turning center that can easily be
programmed through our TISIS CAM solution. Both spindles feature the same power in main and counter operations. That means you can
program your parts with greater freedom: heavy jobs no longer have to be machined in main operations.

The part's has been created and programmed in collaboration with Mastercam