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Swiss GT range

2018-02-27 11:21 | 36 calls
Automatic turning machines with a complete standard equipment package at a competitive price. Simple and ergonomic, the Swiss GT range offers easy access to all tool positions. It is easy to use and maintain thanks in particular to its automatic lubrication unit, a swarf tray and a high volume removable oil pan. Available in three diameters—32 mm for the Swiss GT 32, 25.4 mm for the Swiss GT 26 and 13 mm for the Swiss GT 13—the line is specifically designed to drive your successful production of long and short turned parts. The Swiss GT 26 and the Swiss GT 32 may be fitted with up to 40 tools, including 14 rotating tools, while the Swiss GT 13 can take up to 30 tools, including 12 rotating tools. The Y axis offers greatly increased machining capability in secondary operation and allows some complex workpieces to be produced without reworking. In addition the B axis (option) appreciably extends the Swiss GT 26’s and the Swiss GT 32's capabilities, allowing them to tackle almost any part. The Swiss GT 26B and the Swiss GT 32B are the only Swiss-type lathes equipped with a B axis featuring a modular position that can incorporate either a fourth rotating drilling station or a true thread-whirling head.